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Abstract Saturday

Kiddos and I were supposed to join the DMZ Run today but at the last minute I had to beg off. So, our supposed-to-be active Saturday became a quiet one, spent at home.

While I was throwing away old pots of long-ago-wilted plants, kiddos were busy, very busy:-):

very busy hands

Today was an abstract Saturday for these two boys:-).

busy hands
busy hands

busy hands

My older son’s strokes are more confident and he has his own ideas why he made such picture. My younger one obviously just dips colors and brushes them with enjoyment. But of the two, it’s my second one who always asks to “paint”. His teachers both in his Montessori school in Iloilo and his kindergarten here in Seoul notice this interest and relayed it to me. When my older son was this age (3years old), he was using his ball pen and pencils more to draw pictures. My husband and I both do not have this artistic side so I really don’t know how to take and nurture this interest:-)…

Oh well, I guess I just have to always have a steady supply of art materials:-)…

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