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A Lavish Lifestyle That Insults the Filipinos

She has a very, very high self-esteem. Just watch at the way she sashays in her special birthday ramp:

Jeane Napoles – the pork barrel scam princess



It’s disgusting watching these self-centered pork barrel princess enjoying the life her mother had created for their family sourcing their money from the Filipino taxpayers, in connivance with the government mafia composed of senators and congressmen.

But it’s sickening to see a Catholic priest, Monsignor Ramirez, enjoying himself amidst such grandeur and in the company of the mistress of evil, the pork barrel scam queen, Janet Napoles.

Where is the delicadeza, Monsignor?

Ever heard of dignified existence, Princess Jeane Napoles?

And what do make of your mother? Everything about her and all that she is had been surrendered… She has no conscience left. Not an ounce.

Let’s call for accountability!



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