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Yeouido CGV: Our New Cinema Destination

I love the old world feel at the Yeouido CGV.

Imagine yourself walking on a date night in a narrow street with cafes and quaint stores and cinemas:




This is the atmosphere at the Cinema Street of the Yeouido CGV located inside the IFC Mall.

Yes! We have a new place to go:




The Yeouido CGV was really designed to have a street-like atmosphere where moviegoers can hang out in a coffee shop or a small diner’s place or buy some books or souvenir items from the CineShop. It was the last week of The Man of Steel when we first visited the place and that explains the prominent Superman display which costs a whopping 299,000-KRW.



There was Incredible Hulk and a life-sized Iron Man on the side and the kids were fascinated… for awhile:-).

Until it was time for us to buy popcorns! and water.



Popcorn Factory has several flavors to choose from… more flavors compared to other popcorn stores. We got the Chicago Mix and the Real Cheese. The small bag costs 4,000-won each and the water costs 1,500-won each. Robbery.

But, I like the place:-). Next time we watch a movie, we’ll bring our own water and some snacks… hehehe.


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4 thoughts on “Yeouido CGV: Our New Cinema Destination

  1. Hi! I just want to confirm if this is the cinema where you can watch Korean movies in English subtitles? Hoping for your response.
    First time we went to Seoul, we gave up on watching since we can’t find the right cinema.. XD


    1. English movies are in English here but I am not sure about Korean movies with English subtitles… never went to one:-) – a Korean movie, I mean.

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