“Work” Blooper

Even I, who looks at motherhood as MY vocation made a common blooper just this afternoon.

We were in the clubhouse. My sons and I. My friend and her daughter. As soon as the kids were done with their study time with me, they ran to the playroom. As soon as her daughter was done with hers, she, too, ran to the playroom. I opened my netbook for my blog post (not this one). My friend fixed her things and got ready to go.

Me: Where are you going?

Friend: I’m going to get my son’s books.

She needs to go to her son’s school to bring the books.

Me: With your schedule, you really can’t work, right?

Friend: This is my work (smiling).


What has gotten into me?

I live the life she lives. She’s a graduate from one of Korea’s top universities. She was also educated abroad. And she CHOSE to take care of her kids after marriage. She chose to work in her house for her family. Like I did. Like I do.

And I always feel that some people could be very condescending with their words towards stay-at-home moms. And I always think that they are misinformed and their arrogance is misplaced.

And I just acted like those kind of people.

Respect begets respect.

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