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Patiently Guiding my Boy with his First Sight Words

How time flies!

He just used to smile or laugh whenever we read books to him.

And then, he started emulating his big brother… acting like he is also reading.

The eagerness to learn had always been evident in this very charming boy… but the impatience to be able to read is slowly showing… and so, I took the cue.

We started with his sight words!



Admittedly, these are not the simplest sight words. But, he’s managing! He knows that I know that he is smart:-).

This is just the beginning… there’s a long road ahead… but we’ll get there. We’ll get there, my charming boy!

Cheers to the days ahead of fun reading!


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3 thoughts on “Patiently Guiding my Boy with his First Sight Words

  1. Oh, thank you Thess for taking the effort of making Khloe familiar with the boys… I should do that, too. What’s FB for? Hehehehe… I’ll see you on December? Iloilo or Manila? Ness got in touch with me hoping we could meet up this December.

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