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“Outbreaks” Reliever

I think I can finally say, I have found the product for my skin outbreaks… not that I’m plagued by skin outbreaks:-).

But for those times when a pimple or two comes out I feel like I just needed to let them die their natural death because I haven’t found a product I could use… and they would grow their biggest size on my face and they irritate me… big time!

While checking through skin care products in Olive Young, I meticulously read the Dr. Jart lines and took a big gamble on this Ctrl-A Drying Spot Corrector:


 photo image4_zpsb5936755.jpeg

I’m glad it did its purpose on my skin… I felt so relieved!

Now, I just don’t passively look at the nasty pimple when it does come out:-).

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