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Fun With Water Bottles

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Vapur water bottles are the environmentally friendly way to keep yourself and your family properly hydrated during physical activity. Unlike disposable bottles, which destroy the landscape, Vapur are super BPA free water bottles,can last for many years and be used during hikes, bike rides, runs, and regular daily activities. Kids love to have their own bright Vapur bottles to take to school for lunch and after-school sports, and even adults get a kick out of using distinctive Vapur bottles.

Although water bottles are easily located in stores, the best variety of fun hiking water bottle are Vapur bottles. Sporting goods stores and major online retailers like Amazon have a surprisingly large assortment of Vapur bottles, all of them BPA free. These bottles are inexpensive, functional, and a good way to express your individuality.

For kids, the Vapur Quenchers are always a good choice. Kids love to personalize their own bottle and the Quencher kids line allows them to do just that! There are four different designs for kids to choose from and several variations of funny faces for them to experiment with.

For people who like their fun expressed through colors, Vapur bottles are available in every hue of the rainbow. Vapur bottles have the advantage of standing out among other, more timid, water bottles. So many colors exist, and since these bottles are so affordable, a person can have one in every color.

People can use fun Vapur water bottles to express themselves and stand out from the crowd of anonymous silver or clear models that express nothing. Any color or logo on the outside of a Vapur bottle is wonderful and the inside of the bottle is free of BPA, that damaging chemical that can ruin anyone’s fun. So pick your favorite Vapur bottle and head out the door to work up a sweat, remembering to hydrate frequently.


Guest post by Thuy Vy.


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