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A Mapo 대교 Photo Walk Attempt

The boys and I. We tried to cross the whole stretch of the Mapo Bridge one Sunday evening. We live at the other end of the Mapo Bridge, the opposite end of which is in Yeouido.

We started here:

This spot is just a few minutes walk from our apartment. Lovely! That’s why I had been raring to go for a photo walk with my boys. I prepped them up for an exciting walk… me with my camera and tripod… they, with their scooter. Just before sunset, I told them. They were excited, not knowing the real distance of the whole stretch of the Mapo Bridge.

The 63 Building no longer holds the record of the highest building in South Korea, but local and foreign tourists still pose by and with this structure. One will never miss this building when crossing the Mapo Bridge by bus, by car or on foot.

This was my first time to walk on the bridge. In my seven years here in this area, I only thought about attempting to cross this bridge recently… all for the desire to take some pictures. And, of course, offering a different kind of experience for the kids.

The walk gave me a new perspective… on foot, I could stop and appreciate the scenery when I want to.

Our apartment does not have a view of the Han River. I could only wonder how it is to live in one of these apartments:

They have the Han River as their living room backdrop. Wow! Or their bedroom’s window view. One thing noticeable about Seoul is the preservation of the hilly and mountainous landscape. If one looks closely at the apartment buildings above, it is framed by the mountainous landscape behind it. And that’s not rare.

At the other end of the bridge are the Yeouido Park and the financial district area which houses the newly-opened Conrad Hotel and the IFC Mall (both opened last year, 2012). Yezzzzz! The IFC Mall is just one bus stop away from where we live. You gotta love the place and its CGV!

The LG Twin Towers had been standing there for quite some time. Hubby’s office will be transferring from Myeong Dong to this area last quarter of this year. Even closer to home:-)… though, I don’t know how that would greatly affect his work. He stays out of the country more often than he reports to his office.

Upon realizing how far the other end actually is, my 3-year old started whining to go back home. I haven’t even taken out my tripod from its case yet! My 6-year old was eager to finish our early evening adventure. He was excited to go to the park at the other end. But… oh well… one fall and several scratches on my 3-year old forced us to head back to where we started.

Sunset was just starting then… at 8 o’clock in the evening:


I had to abandon the idea of using my tripod, with the hope of playing with lights. In between comforting my hurt son and carrying his scooter, I managed to cajole him to a few minutes of rest and play peek-a-boo with the setting sun:

Till the next photo walk/date… I just had to be thankful for the chance that was given… Next time, I’ll see more of you, setting sun… until then… I bid goodbye:

I am a Mom first, after all.



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2 thoughts on “A Mapo 대교 Photo Walk Attempt

  1. Thanks, Betchay!

    Nope, I didn’t see any sign like that… Or probably because we didn’t reach the part that has it:-))) we had to go back because of the fall and the scratches… The little one cried.

    No, please!!! we don’t want any suicide. It will tarnish the good legacy of the Han River.

  2. Nice photos! I noticed that you didn’t post any photo of the railings with Korean signs? I’ve been to a few bridges that cross Hangang and usually the railings have Korean messages discouraging suicidal people from jumping.

    Oh, my brother-in-law’s apartment is along Hangang. The view is great, but the noise is terrible because of the highways (88 in Gangnam and Gangbyeon in Gangbuk). It’s also windy most of the time, so it can get really cold in winter.
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