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What a Change of Venue can Do

Right after my 3-year old son leaves for his kindergarten, it will be my one-on-one with my 6-year old. I love our morning sessions. Everyday, we have our to-do list from his worksheet to reading practice to spelling, to social studies. We have science, art and computer, too… lol. But some of these subjects are not for everyday. I’m not that stiff, believe you me!

Yesterday, I spontaneously decided to bring my son to Café Cantata, a small coffee shop at the ground floor of our building. We did his Math worksheets and reading practice here:


 photo cantata_zps5a0be9d3.jpg

He suddenly looked up and smiled and said, “I feel so relaxed here, Mommy“. And he finished his Math drills in no time.

I’m going to miss this morning session when he starts first grade in August. I’m a more relaxed mommy during these time-alone together… probably because my attention is not divided. It’s during this morning session when we have more hugs and kisses… and he still asks me to carry him around.


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2 thoughts on “What a Change of Venue can Do

  1. i enjoy reading blogs but seldom post comments. i follow yours as well as your fellow pinay bloggers in korea. i just want to say that i think you’re an awesome mommie. you have that innate skill of bringing out the best in your kiddos.

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