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First Days in a 유지원 of my 3-year old Charmer

My 3-year old charmer started going to school in a Korean 유지원 this week.  Unlike our Firstborn, we decided to immerse him fully in a Korean kindergarten so his school is as Korean as it can get:

 photo CAM00641-crop_zps66a395de.jpg

If I expected some hesitation and crying on his first day and first bus ride to school, I would have been heartbroken. There was not a moment’s hesitation when he boarded the school bus:

 photo CAM00652_zpsea106ecb.jpg

At school, he immediately settled down and joined the class. Though he cannot speak and understand Korean yet, this little boy always insists that he wants to learn Korean. He is an eager learner even in the house so it’s not surprising to see him effortlessly put himself right in the center of his class:

 photo CAM00673_zpsb8263630.jpg

As part of his transition period, he doesn’t go home with the other kids in their regular schedule yet. I pick him up from his kindergarten before lunchtime and he would always spend a few minutes in his school’s tiny outdoor playground.

 photo CAM00656_zps74e3da11.jpg

He had an accident on his second day at school. His teacher was so worried she called two of my Korean friends, whose kids also study there, twice each explaining that my son was running too fast. I might think that she did not take care of my son. Knowing how quick my son is, well…

Medicine cabinet contains the essentials so I don’t think I need to worry much. The teacher will get to know my son more and more and she’ll know how to anticipate his speed next time:-).

 photo CAM00674_zps24f63b96.jpg

On his third day, this little charmer has already charmed a classmate. His teacher excitedly gave me this piece of paper:

 photo 295554_10200676608350807_1532274250_n_zps3255b4ac.jpg

This was from a little girl who, that day, kept on holding my Charmer’s hand. Then she asked the 선생님 to teach her how to write my Charmer’s name in Hangeul. Isn’t that sweet?

Of course, he got a teasing from his Kuya when he got home:-).


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