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We’re Starting with Reading

I didn’t throw My Firstborn’s Kumon worksheets. I’ve kept them for close to three years already. And for good reason!

My adorable Secondborn has started using the worksheets since we came back here in Seoul last March. He feels good about having his “own” worksheets, when before he was just watching his Kuya doing worksheets he (my secondborn) barely understood. And so, the first time I presented to him his own “Kumon”, he was grinning from ear to ear and surely, he felt like he was a real big boy.

He doesn’t have to look far for inspiration and motivation. His Kuya has become an advanced reader. He often takes my role of reading, and he gladly reads, to his younger brother complete with sound effects and variation of voices which he thinks is appropriate for the story. He is just 6 but his reading skills is very, very excellent.

It’s my baby’s turn now. We still have a long way to go… but I know we are starting right.

When he can finally read independently, I’m sure we will all rejoice and he will feel so proud of his feat.

In the meantime, I am gladly going back to the basic routine we used for my Firstborn. My eager learner Secondborn delights in my undivided attention.

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