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Unlikely Way to Know How the Heart Functions

Yesterday, my 3-year old big boy baby (D) was kicked in the nose by a 7-year old boy:-)… and his nose bled. Rough play by the big boy… just play, but rough, very, very rough.

Before we started with our bedtime story:

 D: Mommy, I hear my heart has a sound.

Me: Oh…. that’s the beating of your heart. Let me listen.

(and I pressed my ears to his heart)

Me: That means your heart pumps blood so it can go all over your   body.

D: So it can go to my body… and to my nose?

Me: Yes, your legs, your arms, your head, your nose.

D: Because… because… we will die if our heart has no sound and so we will have no blood?

Me: Well, yes we will get sick if the heart stops sending blood to our body.

D: So, I won’t die when ___ kick me in the nose?

Me: Oh, that one we will never allow to happen again.

I’m sure he will never forget the function of the heart. Experience, after all, is the greatest teacher.

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