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Going Around the World at Aiins World

I think that I have mentioned it several times that the kids are not going to school now.  Home study under me is always never enough. I have things to do, they have their own games to play. In short, we cannot put a sense of time in our daily schedule. We try to do as much as we can but there’s always something coming up. So, I am always in the look-out for activities… especially on weekends when friends are available to come with us and share the fun. Last week, kiddos and I went to Aiins World with Razel and her kids.

 photo IMG_2889_zpsc2cd8444.jpg

Aiins World is located in Bucheon. It’s actually in the boundary of Incheon and Bucheon. What’s in there to see? Miniature landmarks from around the world!

We also visited a theme park with miniature landmarks in Jeju in 2010. But this time around, kids are more appreciative.

As soon as the kids finished with their lunch, we set out to explore the place:

 photo 970596_10200599907873343_1752056770_n_zpsa36ea94a.jpg
thanks Razel for the picture! i rarely have my own pic these days

The best thing is actually me discovering that the kids have stored in their minds some bits and pieces of what they learned from our regular book reading. Like… when I pointed out a landmark from Germany, my 3-year old son D blurted out: “where world war happened“. You see, there was a time when we read books about Hitler and the Holocaust. Both my sons eagerly listened and asked questions about Hitler and the Jews. My 6-year old L would also say things he remembered about some landmarks he saw. This just supplements my personal belief that learning should be made personal to them and relevant into their young lives. And to achieve that is to let them go out and explore.

In the meantime, we can only offer them miniature landmarks:-).

Here are some pictures from our “travels”:

 photo IMG_2896_zps0dabe5aa.jpg
Notre Dame de Paris
Belvedere Palace, Vienna photo IMG_2910_zpsf00572c7.jpg
Belvedere Palace, Vienna
Basilica San Pietro, Citta del Vaticano photo IMG_2911_zps31d7e818.jpg
Basilica San Pietro, Citta del Vaticano
Milan Cathedral photo IMG_2921_zps2af8227a.jpg
Milan Cathedral
 photo IMG_2922_zps94f48002.jpg
La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona photo IMG_2923_zpsa48b9c9a.jpg
La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
The Leaning Tower of Pisa photo IMG_2925_zps15481bd4.jpg
Tower of Pissa
The Gum, Moscw photo IMG_2930_zps3f128235.jpg
The Gum, Moscow
The Sphinx, Egypt photo IMG_2935_zps7e840b74.jpg
The Sphinx, Egypt
Petra, Jordan photo IMG_2940_zpsd6e8e65e.jpg
Petra, Jordan
The Sydney Opera House photo IMG_2947_zpsdbfcd45f.jpg
The Sydney Opera House
Brooklyn Bridge photo IMG_2953_zps07d78165.jpg
Brooklyn Bridge

Our kind of tour took less than two hours to finish. And that included playtime of the kids:-).

And as hubby is currently in the East Coast on a business trip, kiddos surprised him with a souvenir photo (not posted here) under the Times Square landmark.

Times Square, New York photo IMG_2959_zps67c88905.jpg
Times Square, New York

Hubby’s work makes him travel the world. In Aiins World, kiddos can claim that they, too, had become a world traveller… just like Daddy.

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2 thoughts on “Going Around the World at Aiins World

  1. I’m sure your unica hija will enjoy the place-). Wait until night time. The lights make the place even more beautiful.

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