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Eric Carle Art Studio in Seoul

One of the places for English-speaking family with kids around Seoul is the Eric Carle Art Studio in Apgujeong.

Here I’m giving you a glimpse of what’s inside:

It isn’t a cheap place to go to, though. Betchay of Buhay sa Korea got us a discounted ticket for 17,000-KRW per kid for an original price of 22,000-KRW. Two adults may accompany per kid. English programs still remain expensive in Seoul:-).

My 3-year old kid joined the 50-minute reading and art program but I had to go inside the reading room to help him out with the art work. The studio does not have enough staff delegated to be with the kids… that, or they expect the kids to work on their own. Other moms went inside the reading room, too. So, if your kid is exposed to regular book reading, at home or elsewhere and you do your own crafts from time to time, you might get a little bit disappointed. But if you don’t mind spending some amount for a 50-minute English art program…

The Eric Carle Art Studio is located at the basement of the Yoongdang Art Hall in Apgujeong. For more information about the place, the rates and the schedule, you may call 1577-2046. Or if you can read Hangeul, you may visit the Eric Carle Art Studio website.

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