Easier Way of Identifying Flags

I think I have been focusing too much on English and Math to my kids.

But my! The world doesn’t just revolve around these two subjects – though, I don’t downplay the importance of these two. So, I gradually introduced a Science workbook for each of them. They both love each of their workbook that they finish them in no time. Which reminds me, I’ve got to find another one.

And more than two weeks ago, I started giving my son two flags to make as part of his daily lesson. Each time he finishes with the two new assigned flags, I take out the previous flags he had done and let him identify each one.

It would have been more convenient if I just purchase flashcards with flags on it, right? But I figured out, the flags would be more meaningful for him if he exerts effort on them. It’s our way of making learning more personal, rather than treating it more like an academic subject.

So far, these are the flags he has made:

I am enjoying this time with the kiddos! Sure, I get some downtime especially when there are tons of work to do. But, seeing them and actually steering their learning in ways I think is good for them is a one helluva good feeling!

I’m thinking… if I have a girl, I wouldn’t push Mathematics on her. We’ll travel the world together, check which shade of blush-on is better, which top pairs best with which skirt, which pair of shoes to wear…. But, I don’t have a girl… lol!

And so, I take full happiness with my boys! Time will come, they will be the one to teach me which flag is for which country. I’ve got to keep up!


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