Third Visit from the Tooth Fairy came at Midnight

Yeah! The third tooth fell out… on its own… in the middle of the night.

Firstborn woke me up. “Mommy, mommy, my tooth’s gone!” Indeed, there was a gap where the tooth came from. But, wait! There’s a little white thing protruding out of the gum. A tooth is on its way up! Hahahaha.

Firstborn desperately looked for the tooth on the bed. I suggested the idea that he must have swallowed it. He refused saying that he will get another gift from the tooth fairy and he will show it to his daddy when he arrives from his business trip. So, in the middle of the night, there we were looking under the pillows and the sheets. At last, it was found!

The tooth fairy didn’t really take it with her. Instead, the tooth fairy knows that his Mommy is keeping all the teeth so he won’t miss it. The first time that a tooth came out, he wished that the tooth fairy will give it back. And she did! And she also did with the second tooth and now the third:-).

And they’re safely stored.

 photo IMG_2260_zpsfb7972c5.jpg

Oh, the first two teeth weren’t easy for Firstborn. He got shark teeth with the first two. That’s what you call those teeth coming out from behind the baby teeth. There were no signs of wobbling but I just noticed one day a tooth coming out behind his front baby tooth. We consulted a dentist and I was relieved to know that it was normal. All he needed to do was regularly move it with his hand so it eventually falls off. But another shark tooth came out and I was in a panic. What if his teeth would all come out in different directions? So, as soon as it was wobbly enough, we had a string attached to each tooth a week apart and had them pulled out. He was crying and crying!

Good thing he diligently pushed his two front teeth with his tongue and they are all now in their place. Lesson learned: Don’t panic. Shark teeth will not destroy kid’s teeth alignment.

He was so happy with the third tooth. It just fell out without any effort from him and sans no pain… none at all!

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