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“I Like Taekwondo. Do you know why?”

Firstborn started with his Taekwondo classes last April 1. And he likes it!

And here’s coming from him:

I like taekwondo. Do you know why? Because I find it so, so fun and great. When I went their I did hulahoop then we all runned away from the ball but atualy that was just a game. at the next day I did jump rope but jump rope is hard and then we runned again from the  ball. then after that we were being trained. then after that all of us got home and I also made Jiyoung laugh so, so hard and also my other classmatss. I made one boy laugh in the bus. then several girls laugh at the bus and inside the school.

This is another stolen write-up from my son’s writing notebook… sort of his diary already… he writes about those which he fancies. I try to correct his spelling and grammar… but he’s just so happy he has written something when he’s done. So I end up not pushing the corrections:-)… in any way I look at it, he wins! He can write about the things he is passionate about… and that’s all that’s important!

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