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Back in Seoul

We are soooo back!

And nobody is happier than my Firstborn… this coming from his own writing (unedited):

“When I came here to Korea I was sleeping. Then when I woke up my Daddy love was hear and I was so so happy the whole day. Then the next day I felt weak so I slept again. When I woke up I felt better and I was happy, not just happy, very happy.”

We arrived dawn of March 18. That’s 7 days short of being away for a year…lol. The kids and I left Seoul 25th of March last year. So many things have happened since then… and the little boys are bringing with them a good amount of happy experiences.

We have since settled with our domestic life… and me back to mommy-the-teacher role (although I have never really given up that role even back in the Philippines). It isn’t physically easy but I have so many things lined up for the kids that there isn’t any room for boredom. As I had been doing the past days, I might always end up asking where time has gone for the day:-)…

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2 thoughts on “Back in Seoul

  1. Welcome back po, ate Wendy… na-miss namin ni sooae yung coffee meet up last time. hopefully maka-sama na kami next time…. nageenjoy yung mga older cousins ni sooae makipag laro sa kanya, lalo yung nasa military service^^ that’s why they came here twice last march. hopefully yung next visit nila hindi nanaman mataon sa seoulites meetup…

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