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We Left Iloilo with a Bang!

We stayed in Iloilo for close¬†to one year. And it was a good year for my boys. They were very busy with activities that occupied their everyday life. Swimming, tennis, kumon. Playdates, weekend actions, planned and surprise visits from their daddy… it was exciting! Definitely, a lot of memories to remember with fondness.

The day we left was the day of their culminating activity from the Iloilo Montessori School. There was no better way to leave Iloilo but through this grand production from Montessori (video shows the finale):

Firstborn played the role of Ted from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. Of course, hubby and I were proud of this new achievement of our son. And we were prouder to watch our 3-year old Second-born dance cutely on stage. Adorable, adorable little one! With his charm, I am pretty sure he will get the same chances as his Kuya at the right age and at the right time.

We made new friends! And we left not with heavy hearts but with excitement of the many possibilities of our next meeting.

“We only part to meet again”. John Gray

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