The Green Protector of Gardens, Repellex Banishes all Burrowers

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Gardeners work hard to keep their yards tidy and pretty. So it can be very disheartening when they find evidence of burrowing creatures across the lawn, around trees and amongst the flowers. Three of these pests, which are most damaging to gardens, are moles, gophers and voles. Their handiwork is easy to spot. Moles leave small hills that resemble miniature volcanoes. Gophers leave rings of upturned earth. Voles, which are actually field mice, create small tunnels not much larger in circumference than a quarter.

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Any, or all of these signs of infestation can mar a garden, causing the worried homeowner to rack his brains as to how to get rid of voles, gophers and moles. This is all the more true, as tunneling and upturned piles of earth may be just the tip of the iceberg, speaking damage-wise. Gophers will eat almost any edible plant from root to leaf. Voles dine on tubers and seeds below ground. However, they’ll also strip the woody surface off of low lying stems and beat down grasses above ground. Moles dine on insects and worms. Yet, even though they aren’t after plants, their incessant digging can leave vulnerable roots damaged and exposed.

Surely, there must be some awesome animal repellent that can put a halt to such infestations without polluting the environment, or potentially endangering family members and pets. Repellex Mole and Gopher Repellent is just such a repellent. It is designed specifically to banish voles, moles and gophers. Yet, it is also one hundred percent natural and plant-based.

Repellex has olfactory ingredients that deter burrowers. It also penetrates soil, speedily forming a layer of safety around fragile roots. The formula comes in a concentrate, or as a spray, both of which have bottles designed to be conveniently attached to a garden hose. It also comes as granules, which can be dropped in by hand, or with a small rake.

Chemical agents, as we all realize, can potentially harm plants and pets, as can some traps. Even so-called humane traps are not without their hurdles. It takes some degree of luck as well as constant work to keep removing burrowing creatures one by one.

On the other hand, Repellex Mole and Gopher Repellent does the work quickly and effectively. A single treatment lasts about six weeks. Since burrowing animals remain active all winter, an application in late fall before the ground freezes is highly recommended. Overtime further infestations are forestalled with repeated use of Repellex. Repellex is not for edible plants. For a quick, easy and affordable green way to deter moles, voles and gophers from dining in your garden without endangering critters or children, click on today.

Guest post by Thuy Vy

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