Mommy’s Role: Confidence-Booster

If you have one kid, all your attention will be showered on him alone. If you have two, balancing your attention will have to come into play everyday and every minute… and shall be reflected in your words.

I have two boys… and the younger one adores his kuya that his interests are inspired by him, except for Iron Man and the color “red” which he possessively owns up as his own and his alone:-). At 6 years old, the older one is quite an achiever already. And I know my 3 year old will have his own time, too. He’s still my baby:-).

On this coming culminating activity from Montessori, the school will have a production and they are going to present “The Lorax”. My 6-year old will play the role of Ted, voiced by Zac Efron in the animation film. My 3-year old will be one of the truffula trees… hahaha. His young mind realized this:

Second-born: There’s only 1 Ted. Kuya. There are many trees, Mommy.

Me: Oh, but you’re the most handsome truffula tree, anak.

And my 3-year old smiled.

Ahhh… the bliss of youth and innocence.

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