Effect of the Tsunami Lesson

Since it was a holiday yesterday, kiddos wanted to try some experiments from a book given to them during their birthday party last year. They got fascinated with tsunamis and I had a hard time (lol) explaining to them how tsunamis happen.

 photo photo3_zps54ebfaea.jpg

They were not contented and so they begged me to let them watch a video of a tsunami. And I left them watching a March 2011 Japan tsunami…

While preparing dinner, I overheard Secondborn crying and this conversation between the two:

Secondborn: You will send me to the tsunami, kuya? waaaaaahhhh

Firstborn: Yes, because you keep on hitting me.

Secondborn: Even if you will not see me forever anymore? (still crying)

Firstborn: That’s why you stop hitting me, ok?

Secondborn: You don’t love me kuya?

Firstborn: Aigu!!! … (and hugged his baby brother)


Hahahahaha…And they resolved their own conflict!

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