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Dinagyang Night Life of the Kiddos

What can you really expect of a night life with the kiddos?

Dinner and playtime!!! But, of course!

Some friends tell me that it’s good to have some time off from the kids. I would totally agree! So, I get away from them for an hour or two while they are in school… lol! My gym and tennis times (which are temporarily put on hold because of my injury) are some of those times, too:-)… an hour of coffee or a couple of hours of dinner when there are friends available are some of my “ME” time, too.

But, I am my most comfortable self when I am with these kiddos who turn my world upside down, day and night!

So, Dinagyang was a good time for us to have some night life… if, indeed, you could call those “night life”.

We started early last Saturday and met with their playmates at… where else but… SM! There was a food festival at the carpark and kiosks were more than ready to do business…

 photo IMG_0514_zps68096d5a.jpg

especially with a stage constructed for guest celebrities. When the celebrities were not yet due, local dancers and games entertained the crowd that gathered in the carpark.

 photo IMG_0541_zps13ce880b.jpg

And when the celebrities started coming in, the crowd became even bigger. This was how it looked like from the backstage just after the Indio (Bong Revilla, Rhian Ramos and Jennylyn Mercado) stars left:

 photo IMG_0577_zps12b729e3.jpg

Kiddos cannot thrive in this crowd… so we went to Smallville and had a  restless dinner at Afriques with the restless kids:-)… They needed to release their energy and they just had to do it together:

 photo IMG_0668_zpsd49c7bb1.jpg

Yeah, they all looked so adorable holding and looking out for each other amidst the night time gimikeros. Smallville was crowded with people and with cars!

 photo IMG_0674_zps6125ae4f.jpg

For the sake of the kids we opted to stay in the quiter part of Smallville, farther from the bands and the loud music. We were not alone. There were people who also liked to have a night out but preferred to stay away from the loudness of it all. My friend and I were treated with our kids’ laughter and with the calmness of this scenery:

 photo IMG_0620_zps5d450e31.jpg

It’s hard to imagine by looking at the picture above that not far away Ilonggos are dancing the night away, very festive with the Dinagyang fever in the air. Everyone is infected with it. Look, this security guard is enjoying his night shift, too:

 photo IMG_0608_zps1d61bbf4.jpg

Kiddos had a good rest on the day of the highlight of the festival (Sunday). We were supposed to hit the streets and join in the revelry but they were not up to it so they waited for me until I got back. We had dinner at Moon Cafe at SM Southpoint and checked Plazuela for dessert. Plazuela was in a total party mode!

 photo IMG_0852_zps664e1b90.jpg

It was fun to see so many people in high spirits. The kids were able to feel some excitement here in Iloilo… a big break from the idea that Iloilo is just a place for their Kindergarten studies. Anyway, it was good to see the kiddos enjoying themselves. A few more years… a few more years… and they wouldn’t even want to be be seen on a night out with their mom…. waaaaaaaaa!!!!!! LOL!!!

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