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ASAP in Dinagyang: What You Don’t See on TV

ASAP 18 had a live show from the Iloilo Sports Complex during the Dinagyang Festival here in Iloilo. Of course, the television screens reflected a jam-packed venue:-). Sorry to disappoint but it wasn’t as filled up as it appeared:-). This one was a close shot, nearer to the stage.

 photo IMG_0758_zpsdea1ba28.jpg

What made this afternoon interesting for me was not the celebrity sightings but the people in the venue:

 photo IMG_0760_zps027c8548.jpg
anything and any way to impress his girl

Isn’t she lucky? She has her man ready to give in to her whims so she could see the celebrities on stage. Well, at some point in our lives we go through this little bit of craziness:-).

For those who do not have partners, they content themselves with these piled blocks:

IMG_0779_zps02abf59b photo IMG_0779_zps02abf59b-1_zpsfd25e9ca.jpg

There were several of these piled blocks there which some spectators used to elevate themselves to be able to see the entertainment and the entertainers. I did use one pile left by someone else hehehe…

And since this was in the Iloilo Sports Complex, one group of youngsters used the balance beam:

 photo IMG_0785_zps91cc3864.jpg

A security marshal asked the youngsters to go down and not use the balance beam to prevent any accident. They politely obeyed… of course! And when the marshal was out of sight, they promptly went up again… lol.

There were those who can’t stand the heat and all the standing but apparently, they still wanted to be part of the crowd:

 photo IMG_0772_zpsd21f0ebf.jpg

 photo IMG_0774_zpsd3529e4b.jpg

 photo IMG_0776_zps40bf4b71.jpg

But, of course, amidst these crowd is a group of volunteers who are always on standby, just in case. In the meantime, they allow themselves to relax:-):

 photo IMG_0778_zps9c84b6e0.jpg

And among all those present, here’s my hero for the day:

 photo IMG_0771_zps356465a8.jpg


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