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Pyrolympics: A Festive Start of the Dinagyang Fever

There was the opening salvo and other ceremonies that signalled the start of Dinagyang. But, really, it’s the Pyrolympics at SM City that brought out many people from their homes and caused heavy traffic in the city. And filled up restaurants and bars! It’s a festive Iloilo we have in here.

I brought the kiddos at the vacant lot behind Plazuela, SM City and Iloilo Scholastic Academy for a picnic while waiting for the fireworks to begin. Tip: If you want to take good fireworks photos, stay away from the huge crowd. The wide expanse behind SM City is the perfect place… and shoot the higher fireworks so your photos are not overwhelmed with smoke.

Here’s to welcome the festive spirit in Iloilo City:

Dinagyang 2013 photo IMG_0268_zpsbbb0fa19.jpg

Dinagyang 2013 photo IMG_0297_zps0ed7f25e.jpg

 photo IMG_0304_zpsae3e43ba.jpg

Dinagyang 2013 photo IMG_0309_zps779b83f2.jpg

Dinagyang 2013 photo IMG_0312_zps889f32e0.jpg

DInagyang 2013 photo IMG_0321_zps8d9d5048.jpg

DInagyang 2013 photo IMG_0322_zpsb591daec.jpg

 photo IMG_0330_zps7d92ec53.jpg

Cheers for the Dinagyang spirit! The city is in a state of revelry!

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