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Inspired by a trip to the Fishpond

We went to a fishpond two days ago and let’s take it from Firstborn’s unedited take on this experience:

 photo IMG_0106_zps5797fb8f.jpg
the "canoe" that inspired my son

We were in the pond and we watch the man do fishing in the pond. and me LeRuof I really wanted to ride in the canoe. But my mother didn’t allow me because only next time only if we have time. And we ate their yummy fish and I love it so much but a fish bone was stuck in my throate and wen I swallow my saliva it hurts alot but the bone almost came out and it came out. then I ate desserts and we watched them take out the fish and bring it to Iloilo.

He said this was his secret diary… and I stole it again for My Rocking Cradle! He even clipped together the two papers he had written it on… wise move! Dare I make corrections in his secret diary?


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