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Fascination with Mountains

I don’t know if he learned about mountains in school or he got to know about them from playing or from reading, but his fascination for mountains is reflected in his writing. Here’s another unedited “guest post” – I steal his writings, with credits given to him, of couse –  from my son (corrections of his writings are treated like playing time as he does not bother to listen…lol):

Their were three friends who lived in an old house. thier names are John paul who is friends with LeNaum. LeNaum he is a movie actor and he is very playfull. And the last one is the little one. his name is Xian. He lived in Europe before. And he was a very very very cute child. Then he transferred to the Fillipines. He made friends with lots and lots of Fillipinos. Those three boys went to Mount Kilimanjaro And it was very very tiring trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro. And they also went to Mt Everest. And they went to Mount Fuji and it was also tiring. And they lived happily ever after.

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