Best Strength Bands for Women

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Strength bands are great alternative to free weights, dumbbells, and other resistance routines. In fact, they have been around since decades and were being used in fitness and therapeutic contexts. They are available in various sizes and variants, but are broadly classified as resistance tubes and flat bands, with each having its own accessories, subsets, and specialty bands.


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Fitness bands are quite versatile and this is probably the biggest reason why they are so popular among women of all age groups. They can easily fit into, and replace various fitness routines with free weights, yoga, Pilates, sports specific training, circuit training, and so on. Best thing about best strength bands from is that it is lightweight, and easy to store, and you can easily work on your flexibility at the same time. In fact, pregnant ladies can also use them for their workouts.

Another benefit of fitness bands is that they provide toning to specific body parts, which many women prefer. The best thing about these fitness bands is that they are quite cheap and you can get the best ones for just a few dollars. Best quality dynamax balls are also (see more here) available on online stores. Another advantage of fitness bands is that they are more gentle than hard surfaced, and heavy metallic dumbbells, so they offer “softer side” of resistance training.

With these bands you can have full range body workouts, and unlike free weights, you have continuous resistance with fitness bands. This means you also have complete freedom to move and can also change directions while maintaining proper resistance at all body points. Like free weights the resistance may vary depending upon the point of extension.

You can easily stretch, or warm up both with or without bands, and then can seamlessly switch over to the large muscle groups, such as triceps, biceps, glutes , lats, chest, calves, and thighs. With bands, you can work on all your problem areas that women usually struggle with. You can also add flexibility exercise with these bands.

However, if you are new you should be safe and learn to use these bands from somebody who knows all about them and the kind of exercises you can do using them. Inspect the bands before using them to ensure that they are in good shape. Once you’ve decided on the best pilates bands, tubular, flat, narrow or wide, always buy the one with best quality. This will ensure better results and your fitness bands may also last for years.

Guest post by Thuy Vy.

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