Armor Plate Carrier Vests- Upgraded Protections For High Risk Situations

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At AFMO we carry a full line of defense and tactical gear for professionals involved in policing, defense work, high security risk work, prison work, or federal protection agencies. Our gear is also designed to provide protection to hunters and survivalists who run the risk for needing this type of gear.

At AFMO our full line of vests are designed to protect body and life from the many potential dangers confronting our users. For professionals that are involved in hostage negotiations, police tactile work, high risk security situations or other potential high risk or combat situations, having tactical assault gear vests can offer professionals and civilian users the security and safety they require. These vests have specially laminated and woven fibers with multi-layer materials for extra protection against penetration. These specially woven fibers offer users solid protection from any potential bullet injuries, blunt trauma or knife attacks that they could face.

A high quality plate carrier vest is made of well designed, high grade materials. These vests are often considered part of the crucial gear used by law enforcement workers, federal protection agency workers, high risk security officers, prison workers, rescue workers, hunters, survivalists and the military. In any of these professional or civilian situations, there is a significant risk of imminent danger. These professionals and civilian users know that they can come upon a confrontational and potentially life threatening situation at any time. They know that circumstances of high risk can readily arise that puts the safety and security of their life in danger. That is why they look to have the very best gear to protect them.

These vests offer the perfect protection for professionals in these specialized fields of work, or for those civilians at high risk. The quality and standard protection that these vests are designed and equipped with offer the assurance they need to feel more secure in the field. With the use of these vests, they know that if a situation escalates or arises where they are at high risk, these vests will offer protection for the vital chest section of their body.

Vest specifications can vary depending on the type and style. Our tactical and protective vests offer different levels of protection depending on what the users need is. For additional safety above and beyond traditional safety vests, these vests are modified with added ceramic, polyethylene, or metal plates. These plates add an extra buffer zone and provide a solid shield against impact, trauma, knives, bullets or other penetrating weaponry. These vests are categorized as upgraded ballistic vests and have been proven to be highly effective in giving the safety and security these professionals need for their high risk line of work or for those who need them for high risk civilian use.

Guest post by Thuy Vy.
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