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When there is nothing to ask for Christmas

There was a time last week when I would always ask my Firstborn what he wants as a Christmas gift from Santa.

Everyday he anwers me with, “It’s all up to Santa”.

He would always explain after I would always try to get an exact answer from him that “Santa knows what’s best for me”.

I’d like to think that my big boy has acquired a huge amount of maturity… this had gradually developed since he became a big brother three years ago. Oftentimes, I would be surprised with his understanding and patience. In fact, I stand corrected as a mom sometimes… when I would be discreetly corrected with the way I handle myself… by the very boy who first introduced me to motherhood.

This is the time of the year when I am again reminded of what I have and I am so grateful. The very existence of my man and my boys is a daily reminder of the gifts of life that I am enjoying, christmas or not.

There’s really nothing to ask for except for the intangible things that greatly matter… good health and stonger love.

But since this is Christmas and the spirit of gift-giving is strongest at this time of the year, I take my cue from my son: Santa knows what’s best for me:-) (wink).

Happy Holidays!

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