Revisiting UP-Miagao

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How long has it been since I last set foot in UP-Miagao? A decade, perhaps?

Well, not much has changed except for the landscape renovation in front of the Administration Building:-). Here’s the Oblation welcoming students and guests to the UP-Miagao grounds:


UP - Miagao

I brought the kids here and tried to show them around during a road trip but… there’s really nothing much to show:-(. The dorms and the campus didn’t look inviting… maybe because it was a Sunday?

But, of course, I felt different when I was in college. It was a place of fun for me… not much a place for intellectual pursuits, though. It could be different now, I don’t know.

Anyhow, here’s the famous UP Oblation from another angle:


UP Oblation - UP Miagao Campus

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