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Anhawan Beach Resort

During hubby’s last visit, we had the chance to check out the Anhawan Beach Resort located at Oton. It is a quiet place with just the sand, the sun and the water to entertain its guests.


If you’re one who can be moved by the serenity of a place sans impressive structures, then this is a good place to linger for a day of serenity.


Hubby and kiddos spent the day literally under the sun. Playing in the sands never fail to bring laughter and smiles on my kids’ faces. It’s their happy spot.

There is actually a pool inside the resort but it didn’t interest us at all. It is an option, though, for guests who would rather swim in the pool. There are a number of horses around the resort for those who like to experience horseback riding. But my kids were more interested with this:


It posed us a challenge for them and without any prodding, Firstborn took the challenge followed by Second-born:


Ahhh… life’s pleasures are best found in nature, indeed! Kids had an active day and they had so much fun.

My boys spent more time under the sun than I intended them to and this looked inviting to them for a nap before we headed back to the city:


The Anhawan Beach Resort is just a mere 30 minutes drive from Iloilo City. We went there on a weekday and entrance fee was P150 per head. The best thing about the entrance fee is that it is consumable. There is no corkage fee for food brought inside the resort. Corkage fee applies only to drinks but the staff were not even strict with this.

Gaisano Mall was just a few meters away from the resort and I spotted a prominently located Mang Inasal in the corner of Gaisano. We bought several pieces of Pecho (from Mang Inasal) and bottles of Coke from the resort and our lunch was perfect. I say, it was a very convenient trip!

The kids would love to go back there again!.

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