Inspired by Benjamin

Those who know about Geronimo Stilton or those whose kids read Geronimo Stilton, they know who Benjamin is. He is that mouse who is always jotting down notes.

And he is the character who struck a chord in my Firstborn’s reading adventure.

All along, I thought my Firstborn was just going through the routine of oral reading of his Geronimo Stilton stories. He will be finishing his second book soon. Last night left me amazed with his memory and comprehension skills. We were doing our bedtime stories when he randomly told me about some scenes in the novel and would check through the pages to prove his point. He made me realize that he was not just reading out loud. He understood what he was reading and he knew the characters!

And finally, my Firstborn no longer wants to be a security guard or a fireman or a policeman or a taxi driver.

Firstborn: Mommy, do you know that Benjamin always writes something? Mommy, please bring me to different places and I will write aboout them. Then, I will bring my writings to the bookstore. 

(Of course, you know and I know that he means “publisher”… never mind hehehe…)

Me: Oh, so you want to be a writer when you grow up?

Firstborn: No, Mommy. I can do it now. Even now when I am this years old.


Oh! And I thought, we will finally have the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” conversation. LOL.

“Go for it, kiddo!”, I encouraged.


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7 thoughts on “Inspired by Benjamin

  1. buti na lang, my son doesn’t know of a geronimo stilton tv show here… or else he might have another reason to convince me to turn on the tv:-)

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