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Way to go, Firstborn!

Firstborn got 2 bronze medals from Kumon. Yey!


It wasn’t easy for him. He sometimes had to cry. He sometimes had to bear his tiredness, or sleepiness. Or he simply sometimes just wanted to play. But he knew that he had to work on his worksheets… and he always did.

All Kumon moms could relate to this situation. But we just had to keep on. Not for us. But for the kids.

We may grin with pride when we hear people congratulating us for the achievement of our kids but we know that more than the credits (for us, parents, and for our kids), the discipline that they get from diligently working on their worksheets is something that they could carry on even in other aspects of their life.

The recognition that my kiddo got is a badge of honor that is permanently etched in his self-esteem.

The medals are prominently displayed because he deserves to feel good about his achievement. To think that he is just 5 years old.

Way to go, kiddo!

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