The Uniform Does Make the Man or Woman in Public Service

There is one thing you can always count on when you call EMS or the Police Department to your house. They are always well-dressed and clean cut. Every EMS or police department will have a set uniform that they are required to wear when on duty. This will allow the public to recognize these individuals immediately. They usually have winter uniforms and summer uniforms that meet all of the safety requirements of the company.

A fire department has specific style or brand of uniforms that they wear each day. When the EMS is a part of the fire department, they will dress similar but will have their own durable EMT shirts and uniforms. EMS professionals sometimes wear black pants and white shirts with the ambulance logo on the shirt. This allows them to bend or lift in comfort. EMS is always doing things such as reaching for people in cars, trees, or in small places. They bend down to do IVs and test blood pressures. They also bend when lifting a gurney off the floor or into the truck. It is very important that the EMS have on clothing that will move with them and be comfortable. Restrictive uniforms are very uncomfortable and not very forgiving when you are put in positions such as on your knees.

EMS and the Firemen wear clothing that is protective. Firefighters have special hazardous clothing and gear that will help them run into burning buildings. The protective gear will help them to do their jobs with less possible injuries. Protective gear and clothing is very important to any department that works with lifesaving or hazardous environments. The jacket EMS personnel wears is usually a solid color with the company logo. This jacket will provide warmth in the cooler months. These jackets and shirts are part of the wardrobe that individual professionals wear when working with law enforcement, fire departments, ambulance services, and highway patrol personnel.

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Guest post from Thuy Vy.

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