Perfect Gift for my Birthday Boy

He is turning 6 tomorrow… my Firstborn…. my very special Firstborn!

What could we give to him a s a gift? I had been scouting around for gift ideas. I wanted it to be something special… a toy makes him happy but after a few days, he immediately puts it aside… a book is good but i thought it isn’t special enough to excite him… he has plenty of clothes!

Then his Dad suggested that I give him a love letter or a card.


I found a perfect birthday card for my perfect boy.

Yes! He is getting a birthday card. No toys, no clothes (at least from his Daddy and Mommy). Will he get to appreciate it?


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6 thoughts on “Perfect Gift for my Birthday Boy

  1. thanks, dears!

    yes, 1 more year and he becomes 7!

    the card’s message brought a “kinikilig” smile on his face. it felt soooo good looking at him looking that way.

  2. Happy Birthday to first born…and happy birthing-day to you Wendy…let us know how the love letter went. I bought my prince a money saving little dinasaur as we started the pocket money business at that age…l have to buy a bigger one next birthday though…

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