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“Bully” Talk with my Firstborn

Firstborn is turning 6 in a few days. We had a talk about bullying and hitting last night. I laid down my rules and checked if he remembers well:


ME: So, what’s the first rule about hitting?

Firstborn: I will not hit first.

ME: What do you do if a girl hits you?

Firstborn: Tell her I don’t hit girls and go away from her?

ME: What do you do when a boy hits you?

Firstborn: Tell him that hitting is not good.

ME: What if he hits you again?

Firstborn: Tell him don’t hit me or i’ll hit you back.

ME: And if he hits you for the third time?

Firstborn: I will hit him real hard so he will never hit me again.

ME: Great!

Firstborn: But Mommy, what if he hits me again several times?

ME: Then I will hit you real hard so you’ll know how to hit hard.

That simply shows that you were not effective enough to scare bullies away!


Tough talk,yes! But I am a Mom of two boys and bullying is an ever-present threat these days. I will never allow my kiddos to be bullies but I will not allow them to be bullied, too.

I ended it with:

ME: But you’re both likable boys, babe. You’ll do just fine!


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