A Green Twist on Traditional Promotional Items

Finding new ways to get a leg up on the competition when it comes to reaching out to new customers is one of the big areas of focus for companies of any size. Each year businesses try new promotional campaigns to drum up new clients. Things like trade shows and product expos provide the perfect place to launch these campaigns, as free items and promotional deals can be given out to countless people passing by, all in an attempt to imprint the brand and quality on them in no time flat. By relying on things like customized pens and tote bags companies hope people will use them long afterward, constantly subconsciously thinking about that company that so generously provided them with such a useful free item.

But all these items add up to some serious waste and big environmental concerns too. More and more consumers are growing concerned about the effects of producing so many cheap plastic pens and bottle holders, many of which end up in the trash or landfills. Your company can alleviate this concern and make a positive impression on the environmentally-conscious customer base with some green promotional products of your own. Amazing BPA free bottles take the concept of free drinking bottles and add an eco-friendly twist. These bottles are made from chemical-free recycled plastics and are completely safe for the environment and biodegradable. They’re infinitely reusable so people will not only get a highly functional and long-lasting product they can actually use, they’ll also get peace of mind knowing it’s helping the push for environmental health.

If you’re looking for a product of similar impact but different uses consider bamboo bags from CustomEarthPromos. These unique bags are incredible strong totes with handles made entirely of sustainable bamboo fabrics. The bamboo is environmentally safe, organic and long-lasting. It provides a fabric that looks and feels great and also lends itself well to customization thanks to organic dyes. Your company logo and contact information can be printed on the side of the bags for a totally customized look that everyone walking around a trade show will see. And since the bags are Earth-safe and reusable those who receive them can take them to the store or on vacation, vastly expanding the visibility of the brand.

Your company can get ahead of the competition without totally changing the game thanks to some eco-friendly tweaks to the common free promotional item. Things like bottles and bags can be Earth-safe and still retain their low cost, high usability and good looks. And customers will definitely notice the dedication to going green.

Guest post from Thuy Vy.


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