Yellow Cult in the Philippines

Why do they need to put a yellow ribbon in a government property?

Has the yellow ribbon become an official Philippine symbol?

Or is the Philippines now a home of the Yellow Cult?


No thanks, Yellows!


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2 thoughts on “Yellow Cult in the Philippines

  1. the yellow ribbon does not symbolize anything. it has no meaning. if there is, it’s more of a symbol of vindictiveness and division of our beloved PH. going back, yellow is everywhere to keep the Conjuangco-Aquino in power. it’s an old, but effective strategy to keep the people ignorant, hopeless, pathetic and idealistic. it’s a form of trickery. good job, though!

    i’d like to share this video of joma sison. he shared his views on the appointment of cj sereno and why PH continue to suffer from severe flooding. i’d like to be objective here. i don’t promote this man. but it’s interesting how he revealed the evil schemes of the yellow clan.



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