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ANSI Certified for Biological and Chemical Danger

Personal safety from biological and chemical toxins is essential when investigating areas that have been subjected to chemical and biological accidents or intentional release. Blauer has head to toe chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) gear that surpasses ANSI standards for protection, assuring the wearer will come out of hazardous areas with no ill effects.

THE XRT suit is made with GORE CHEMPAK Selectively-permeable fabric to provide a superior level of protection from CBRM toxins while letting perspiration evaporate from the inside out. The superior protection includes integrated booties and gloves and is lightweight so longer response times, up to 8 hours, are easier on the first responder.

The suit can also be put on by oneself through a front panel and still be APR/PAPR approved and completely safe. The XRT is used for medical triage during industrial accidents and WMD events, Decontamination, Security of CBRN areas, and “Warm Zone” search and rescue.

Their Multi-Threat ensemble is made to give the wearer the best protection from particulate, liquid, and vapor CBRM toxins. It has an outer shell that is made of 4.5 ounce NOMEX IIIA resists burning, dripping, and melting in areas with high flame and heat. It is NFPA 1994 Class 2 and NFPA 1992 certified to protect against CWA’s (chemical warfare agents) and high levels of TIC’s (toxic industrial chemicals).

In order to combat issues like elevated core body temperatures, the suits’ outer layers are made with special material that soaks up water and evaporates, effectively cooling the first responder. This natural evaporation does not compromise the wearer’s safety, does not let toxins in, and allows first responders to extend their time on site.

The Multi-Threat ensemble is one piece including CBRN booties and gloves. The SCBA mask is made specifically to eradicate the need for chemical tape with a rubber to rubber design. It also comes ready to use with tactical boots and includes integrated tactical gloves. This suit is form fitted and has seams that are extra strength for even more safety.

This suit is made for HAZMAT and DECON situations as well as Urban Search and Rescue, S.W.A.T operations, and “Hot Zone” search and rescue. If no severe contamination of the outer layer has taken place, the suit is fully washable and can be used multiple times.

To see the complete specs and information or ask any questions you may have, please click to visit.

This is a guest post from Thuy Vy.


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