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Stay Dry With Grundens


If you are looking to stay dry in even the wettest conditions, consider Grundens rain gear for women. www.Allweathergear.com offers a wide variety of Grundens gear that is suitable for all types of foul weather, from light rain to severe storms. Whether you are in the rain for work or play, you want the best. Choose waterproof clothing in all sizes and styles. Shopping for a winter jacket should not be a hassle. It should be easy to find something warm that suits your personality and preferences perfectly.

Grundens has been a Swedish company since 1926 when it set out to create high quality rain gear. These jackets are tested in the very worst conditions to ensure that they are suitable for all scenarios. Take a look at some of the products and choose the gear that you deserve.

The Grundens Brigg 42 Hood is a hood made of cotton and twill that will protect your head, neck and ears with special flaps. Stay dry and warm with the extra wide brim that will lead the water away from your face. These hoods are great for working outside, fishing or hiking.

The Gage Weather Boss Hooded Parka is another excellent piece of equipment. This jacket comes with an attached hood that is perfect for cold weather. You can easily adjust the hood of the jacket. It also comes with lightweight mesh lining that will keep you warm inside. Internal pockets keep your personal items from getting ruined. The jacket also includes inner cuffs, Velcro adjustments on the outer cuffs.

The Grundens Gage Weather Watch Hooded Jacket is of similar quality. The durable ran gear can be packed small and easily. It repels rain with its waterproof fabric but retains the breath-ability every person needs. This jacket is highly visible so it is perfect for working outside in dangerous conditions.

Click to browse our selection of cold weather gear. The online catalog has something to offer for everybody. You deserve to stay dry and warm in even the worst conditions. Take a peek at the Grundens gear available that will keep you safe, warm and dry in the worst conditions.

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