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Keep Your Gear Safe When You’re Not Shredding on the Slope


It’s one thing to have a cutting edge Arbor¬†snowboard with the latest design features and radical graphics that the entire mountain can see and envy. But if you aren’t keeping that board safe when you step off the course you’re doing a disservice to yourself and the craftsmanship. And when the elements finally take their toll and you have to repair or replace that top-tier snowboard the cost could be astounding. A snowboard bag is a cheap but reliable solution to not only haul and store your board but also get other essential gear up the mountain in one easy trip.

Of course without a snowboard there is no use for a snowboard bag. The snowboard itself is the key element to the sport, the means by which riders glide over the snow, get big air for impressive tricks and carve up the slopes with hairpin turns. Even though they are designed to take punishment on the mountain and ride effortlessly over snow and ice the materials that make up a snowboard are still very vulnerable to the elements and require proper care and storage. A typical board is made of lightweight fiberglass or wood polished and coated in protective shellac on all sides. This not only gives the board its smooth gliding properties but it also protects the bright graphics painted on from chips, cracks and scuffing. However when carrying the board up a mountain or storing it away in a garage or truck there are other things that can damage it and cause the shellac to fail. Anything from rocks to boxes, corners of buildings or the pavement can chip, scratch or otherwise damage the board.

A good snowboard bag is the best solution to avoid this. Snowboard bags are designed to safely and securely hold the board out of the elements until it is needed at the top of a run when you are strapping in. Bags are full-length so the board can fit in easily without having to position it at awkward angles and force it in. Instead the board rests long ways inside against padding on all sides to prevent bumps. The bag zippers closed and can be carried with one hand courtesy of durable straps. But beyond the protection these bags give your prized snowboard they also offer easier transport of other gear up the mountain. Snowboard bags are large enough to fit several safety items including goggles, gloves and bindings. It’s the perfect solution for an easy trip up the mountain. Visit here to see the affordable types and brands of bags on the market today.


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