Helper Dilemma

I have always been tolerant of helpers. I don’t get angry. I take lightly their mistakes. I don’t sweat the small stuff, so to speak.

As long as the output is fine, I am not really one who meticulously checks how they do things, where they do things, how long they do things. And so…

I ended up the gullible employer…lol!

I discovered that my helper would sometimes sneak out of the house during the night and go back just in time for her to do all the things she needed to do before I go down in the morning. Since she doesn’t have a key, the main door was not locked for the whole time that she was out of the house!!! You could imagine all sorts of things that could have happened to us had someone gotten into the house. tsk… tsk… tsk! Scary thoughts! That gave me lots of sleepless nights…

Upon discovering that she would sometimes go to her boyfriend in the middle of the night, I talked to her… the usual stuff… she’s young, she should not allow heerself to get pregnant, what she did was dangerous… in short, I didn’t get angry the way I should have. And I gave her a day off one Sunday so she could freely go out on a date… and she ended up not going home as agreed… she stayed with her boyfriend for the night and had a hang-over the next day. I thought she would appreciate the gesture of an unscheduled day off. I was quite appalled by the abuse of trust and the lack of “hiya”.

So, off she went home… but aside from this episode, she was an ideal helper… organized, very clean, amiable… I didn’t want to let her go but security is not something that we should not take for granted these days… especially with 2 kids in the house… so I didn’t have a helper for a few days (sniff:-<).

I have a new one now… and I hope this one will be better!

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3 thoughts on “Helper Dilemma

  1. uh-oh. I see myself very much like you in terms of dealing with househelps but if someone’s like this not minding the security of my family, I’d do the same thing as you did without another thought. I do hope you won’t have much problems with your new one 🙂

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