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A Must-try Native Coffee at Madge Cafe in LaPaz, Iloilo

When a former classmate and friend knew of my fascination with coffee, he was quick to recommend Madge Cafe inside the LaPaz wet market here in Iloilo. I was curious but it was only recently when hubby visited for my birthday week when I finally went there and tried their famous native coffee.

Hubby and I visited again a few days after with kiddos tagging along. That’s simply to say that we both liked the native coffee. Coffee enthusiasts, especially those who like the black and strong kind might want to visit the place, too.

Our coffee was prepared by Nang Linda who had been working in Madge Cafe for forty years already:-).


She must have repeatedly served thousands of guests. Some loyal customers have their own personalized cups:


I really can’t explain in detail how the coffee is prepared but here are some shots that could give you an idea how:


And our coffee was ready!

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