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Confidence Building

Firstborn had his first taste of what a contest is like.He joined “SM LIttle Stars 2012“.

It all started with his curiousity about what the lady kept on annoucing during the Spiderman Meet and Greet in SM City Iloilo. After I explained to him that it was for “charming and talented” kids, he said that he wanted to sing and perform. Alright!

We went to the scheduled audition. Among the boys, he was the only one who went on stage to sing acapella. We didn’t prepare any minus one for him (sorry kiddo!). But he was chosen as one of the eight boys to compete in the elimination round. Yahoo!

The thing is, I didn’t emphasize the audition as a “contest”. I told him, if he wanted to perform he should perform the best way he can. And he did. After hearing me congratulate him for doing his best, he happily told his second cousin “Mommy said I did my best”. And he was proud of himself. That in itself was a reward for him already plus he got to play in Kevin’s right after his performance. He had no idea that 8 boys and 8 girls were to be selected from among the many auditionees.

I was asked to get him immediately from Kevin’s during the announcement of the winners. I knew then that he made it to the elimination round. He didn’t know why he had to hurriedly get out of his fave playhouse and he was carried to the stage for picture taking with the other winhers:-).

It was emphasized during the orientation that the 2 boys and 2 girls who will be chosen will go to Cebu. The word Cebu was magic to his ears. You see, he enjoyed his shooting in Cebu during the filming of “The Taste of Money”, a Cannes Film Festvial entry last May by acclaimed director Mr. Im Sang-soo. Cebu was what matters to him. The thing is, we were billeted in a suite room in The Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa. Cebu for him is the whole grounds of that fun place. And that is where he thinks the 2 boys and 2 girls who will be chosen will be going. He has no idea that there will be more contests to come.

He was not chosen last Sunday but I was immediately there to carry him. He asked me “What does this mean, Mommy?” He was carrying the Certificate of Participation that time and seeing other kids crying over their disappointment, I immediately told him “We are going to Cebu, Babe”. That made him happy and that made him smile.

I couldn’t allow his 5-year olf self to wallow in disappointment. His idea of winning is going to Cebu and so Cebu it shall be! The boy did his best!

I allowed him to join only because he was excited to perform and performing in a big crowd increases his self-confidence. It should not be a venue for lessons in humility, sportsmanship, dealing with disappointment, etc… He is just 5 years old. He is in a sensitive age of building his self-confidence. Why shatter his self-confidence when he had done his best?

And so, he feels like a winner! And he is a winner!

Way to go… my Firstborn!



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6 thoughts on “Confidence Building

  1. That’s what a mommy is all about…

    So proud of both you, Weng… raising both your boys well is so admirable.

    Both the boys are lucky to have you and with all the support you give them… I strongly believe they’ll get wherever they wanna be.

    All my love!!
    ~*~thess~*~ recently posted..Baking with My ToddlerMy Profile

    1. thanks, Michi! siempre, if we cease to believe in their winning capabilities, how would they believe in themselves, right?:-0

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