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Another Tantrum of the Spoiled-Boy President

This is the President that the Yellow Zombies are so proud of!



Will ABS-CBN sack Noli de Castro with his own (in)discreet (in)direct reply?

“simbolo ng ating karinyo brutal na pamahalaan”

What a spoiled, tantrum-throwing President!

No thanks, Yellows!

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2 thoughts on “Another Tantrum of the Spoiled-Boy President

  1. eventually, you get sick posting comments just so you can, in your little way, educate the ignorant yellow cult. as they say, it’s hard to preach on nagbubulag-bulagan, nagbibingi-bingihan, at nagtutulug-tulugan. during the infamous trial of the former CJ Corona that’s when i realized na ang mga pilipino pala kaya relihiyoso ay dahil kinamulatan na nila na may relihiyon sila, but not because they understand the laws of God. going to church does not make a person compassionate and considerate. kahit baboy hindi makakain ang mga sinabi nila against Corona. I didn’t hate erap when he was impeached. but i must admit i was happy na maaga pa lang ay puputulin na ang sungay nya ng congress and senate. as far as i can recall i didn’t hit him below the belt to the point na mag-aasal hayop ako sa pagco-comment. but in this case, dinaig pa ng isang presidente ang isang taong maledukado. look at him. listen to him. how embarrassing. i wonder kung nasa genes ng angkan na ‘to ang mahabang dila. masyadong madaldal wala namang narating. ang tatay nya, ano? ginawang hero even though all his life all he did was to blab. duwag naman. you can’t call this man a hero. a hero is brave to face his enemy. where did he vent all his reklamos against the marcoses? there in america. ang kalaban nya nasa pinas pero ang arena nya nasa america. matapang ba yan?

    nakakasuka lang na naging habit ng pinoy ang ganitong line “praise the Lord” “God is the answer to my prayers” “with God I have nothing to fear” It’s hard to believe that these people really do believe in God. mabait sila sa Diyos pero hindi sa kapwa nila.

    Through the internet I’ve come to know the “real” Filipinos. these peeps are full of hatred and vengeance. i don’t know where all these aversions are coming from. and what makes them more desperate is that they feel good blaming people for the all the wrongs that’s happening in their beloved country. disappointingly, this retard belongs to the same flock. ang tanda na naninisi pa rin. parang bata lang na”kasi si kuya, eh. sya naman ang nauna.”

    how i wish i could annihilate these yellowtards by simply spraying them insecticide.

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