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A Lousy Customer Service Story

Customer service in Seoul is excellent. And I can attest to that in the many years that I had lived there. In fact, one of the best customer services I experienced was from the post office, a government entity. Though I was not surprised, I was still very disappointed with the customer service I got from a customer service representative from Globe’s Wireless Center in SM City, Iloilo.

I went to the center to check on any assistance I can get from Globe regarding the zero signal strength of the prepaid Globe Tattoo Stick I purchased. It’s hard to live without an internet access even for just a day so I thought about settling for a Prepaid Globe Tattoo Stick. I got out of my parent’s house and I have no wi-fi to rely on anymore. Globe does not have an available facility for a postpaid line in my current area in LaPaz. I can’t wait for an uncertain period as to when there will be an available facility (which was explained to me to mean as – if someone gives up their line, or someone’s contract has expired already). I thought the Globe Tattoo Stick was a good option… and it was not because there was absolutely no signal.

The long-haired Customer Service Representative named Ces immediately said sorry because there was nothing they could do about my concern. As a customer, it was my responsibility to have known whether there was a Globe signal in my area prior to purchasing the Globe Tattoo Stick. There was no way they could refund my purchase… And I was not even asking for a refund!

I inquired if somebody from Globe could check the area where I am living for the signal strength. The gracious representative answered that Globe does not send contractors for concerns like mine because I should have known beforehand about the signal (again!). Apparently exasperated with me because I kept on asking if there is any way I could get help because of the nature of my online work, she asked me “Ti, ano gusto mo matabo?” which when translated means “So, what do you want to happen?” I had to retort back, “Is there any solution you can offer?” and the brilliant reply was,

“Check mo na lang sa iban nga provider e basi may ara sila ya.”

(“Just check with the other providers, they might have <what you need>”.)

I had to ask her, “You mean, I’ll go to Smart?” Looking at me straight in the eye, she said “Yes”.  I asked her name and I said thank you.

Then I looked for the Manager.

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