Iloilo Preschool for my Kiddos

Kiddos are going to a preschool here in Iloilo… Yey!

Among the many pre-schools here, the Iloilo Montessori School has the most recommendation among friends. When I got to attend my first Parents’ Orientation ever (Firstborn’s parents meeting at his preschool in Seoul were always conducted in Korean), I saw the reason why:


The pre-school is composed of very qualified educators! Ninety percent of the teachers graudated from the University of the Philippines and all of them have various degrees and diplomas related to teaching, on top of their undergraduate courses.

The products of the school also attest to its quality. And more than the academics, I am glad to note that the Montessori way is not obsessed with academics. I don’t want my kids to be bombarded with too many assignments yet. My Firstborn has his Kumon and so far, I feel that suffices. I don’t want additional pressure on him. My Secondborn has so much enthusiasm for school because he emulates his older brother in almost anything he does. I don’t want that enthusiasm curbed by school work. He is going to school to enjoy and he shall.

Firstborn, during the very first day in school, confidently took his teacher’s hand and without hesitation entered his classroom:

These days, he would come out of the classroom and smilingly report, “I did very well in school, Mommy.” Whatever he means by that, I would happily cheer him on…lol.

Just today, they were like this in the car going home:

Ahhh… lovely, lovely kids!

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