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Tennis Pro For Adults and Kids in Iloilo

One time, after Firstborn’s tennis class three Korean ladies got into the Lapaz tennis court. They were looking for a tennis pro for the son of one of the Korean ajummas who, they said, is on an advanced level already in Korea. Knowing how meticulous Koreans are, I was not surprised when they requested to watch the next day’s training so they can check the intensity of how the coach trains his students.

As it turned out, the schedule set for the next day was between the tennis pro and his son who is a Palaro National Champion:-).

So, for those who are looking for a tennis pro here in Iloilo, I highly recommend Mr. Joni Crisosto. He can always be seen at the Lapaz tennis court where he headed the just recently finished tennis free clinic. Or he can be reached at 09059630936. You can also get in touch with his wife, herself a tennis player and coach to their kids, Ms. Joy Crisosto at 09499597307.

At one point during a drill with his son, Joy kept on telling him how to go about the drill. He simply declared, “I should listen to my wife. She was the one who made my son a champion”.

Coach Joni had been a tennis pro in Amanpulo and had done tennis drills with international celebrities. He is still contemplating whether he is going back to Amanpulo or accept a post in the Carribbean. While he is here, tennis enthusiasts and tennis hopefuls can get in touch with him at the numbers above.

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