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Summer Swimming Class at Sarabia

Firstborn is currently into swimming.


I chose the swimming pool in Sarabia Manor Hotel because it is huge and quite safe for beginners. I didn’t know of any swimming instructor (remembered a friend when I enrolled my son already, too late) so I just called Sarabia and I was referred to one of their swimming instructors here. Firstborn is having a good time and he is comfortable with his instructor. I just find the progress a little bit slow:-). I’m thinking of transferring him to another instructor in another venue when his session here ends. Anyway, the important thing for now is, he is immensely enjoying the sports. He looks forward to every session.

For the next level… a little bit of push for a little bit of competitiveness won’ hurt:-)

In the meantime, if you happen to be here for the summer and if you want a summer activity for your kids, you may get in touch with Neptune Angels Swimming Club at the following numbers: 0920839791 for Teacher Aya and 09074700249 for Teacher Jane.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Swimming Class at Sarabia

  1. I love your parenting style te wends.Btw, reading your article reminds me of The Grandmaster Experiment, the Polgar sisters were chess grandmasters in their own right but only because their father provided them the opportunity to train and develop. Without their father’s persistent support, it is questionable whether the girls would have gotten there on their own

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